Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pink shrug and Braided Cable baby sweater

 Here is the braided cable baby sweater, the pattern is on ravelry.  The yarn is Paton's Canadiana in Grape Jelly.  Using Addi Turbo needles which I already had, to prevent yet another trip to the yarn shop for needles.  That happens quite often, it seems like I never have the right size needle for the new project.   (and there are always new projects)  Bamboo is my favorite, the metal ones seem way too slippery but these are working out alright for the moment.  This yarn is also slippery, there was an incident where the cable sts slipped off the needles then laddered down a row.  It was fixed for the most part, and the place where it happened isn't very obvious.  A few sts were iffy, but it looks okay now so that's good enough for me. 

Closeup of the braided cable now that the pattern is established.   Another repeat of the cable pattern and it will be time to divide up for the sleeves.   Very fun project so far.  It is going to be a fair entry then probably go to my granddaughter when she grows into it.   The size was 12-24 months so it looks huge after making the 0-3  and 3-6 mos sweaters.   


Here is the finished baby shrug.  Vanna's Choice yarn with size 10 needles made  for a very quick project.   It is a foggy, damp day here, nice to stay inside and fibernate.   Don't have anywhere to be and should be a quiet day around here.  Didn't get the mittens felted yet, wasn't in the mood to do it.  We have a front loader washing machine and while you can felt things in it, it isn't like you can lift the lid and check on things.  My first attempt at felting mittens in it was pure luck.  They were the right size when it was done, had forgotten to pause the cycle and check on them. 

Also we have an on-demand hot water heater and during the washing cycle the water turns on & off so the  temp never got hot enough to do any good.  Luckily the washer has a temp. boost setting which worked!  

Really want to get back in front of my loom, also.  It has a project on it now that I just plain don't like.  Stopped working on it then allowed it to get sidetracked. Maybe today should be about finishing up loose ends.   I'll unweave that project while the mittens are felting.  Both the loom and the washer are in the basement ( the loom was put there temporarily)  so it will work out the way it should. 

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