Saturday, February 21, 2009

Combed fiber

This was a shetland/columbia cross fiber that was combed, then dyed in an earlier post.

While spinning, found that it had slightly felted during the dye process, so it needed combing again, and wanted to show how it looks now.

Very soft again, it will be much easier to spin. Will post a picture of the finished yarn, and also replaced the dark photo with an outdoor one, the color shows up much better in the sunlight on the snow than in the house on a dark evening.

Winter scenery

This is showing the landscape on one side of the trail I take cross country skiing. It is an abandoned trolley grade. There are numerous ponds on both sides of the trail.

Heading towards home.
This is a different path, that branches off the one above, it goes through a cedar grove. This is an open spot, it gets quite closed in, almost like being in a cave.

If you take this path, there are two nice hills for skiing if there's lots of powder. Otherwise, there isn't much room to slow down!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Is it spring yet? It seems cats get cabin fever, too.
Came across both cats huddled together and had to get a picture. Muffyn is on the left, and Jimi on the right. Am working on some handspun yarn, and will post the photos when it's finished. A two ply with a gray shetland, and a blue mohair/ columbia/ shetland blend. Am having problems with the shetland, had originally najaho plyed it, but in the wrong direction so have to unravel it then will ply with the blue. One of the animals above is very interested in the whole process, and plying is a challenge with him around.

Update: will have to find another yarn to ply the blue with, the gray shetland ended up only being plyed in the wrong direction for about 5 yards. Was demonstrating at the time, so probably got distracted.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Winter Carnival 2009

Here's one more photo, it's the sound system!

This was the first place winner, made by the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity.

Another all nighter, I believe.

Hoping the chains in the windows show up well in this shot. I really liked the effect of the sun coming through the windows. The sun was behind me in most of the photos, (except this one) so they are in shadow. This received a second place.
This was a bar scene, and wanted to show one of the glasses.

This was one of the all nighters, of the moon.
This one was Wall-E. Didn't get a photo of his girlfriend, but she was there in the sculpture.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mom to be

Here's a side view of Kelly the day of the ultrasound, 20 weeks along.

Pink skull hat

The color looks really washed out, will try taking another picture tomorrow during the day outside in the white snow. This chart was from the Son of S n B, adapted to a larger yarn and needles. The pattern calls for size 1 circulars, and fingering weight yarn. In black and red, no less. Couldn't see either, so experimented after reading suggestions on Ravelry.