Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here is Matthew after getting his face painted at an Easter event for kids. He didn't want to play the games, just wanted the chocolate! I know how he feels...

Enjoyed weaving this one, it went fast, and is only about 24" x 27". Some strips I had sewn awhile back, and just enough to use up the leftover warp. Time to warp again, with colored warp this time and play with some placemats and chair pads for our kitchen. Starting a new adventure tomorrow, will update later.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Latest progress on the greenjeans sweater. Am enjoying the cable section, tried working without a cable needle and it's pretty easy.

Here is another shot of the blue rug, am looking forward to finishing these, but it will be the last batch of consignment weaving for the church group. They aren't meeting anymore due to lack of members and helpers.

Two different rugs, same colors.

This will be the last rug, also did placemats of this awhile back. They wanted to use up what was left, not my favorite, but will get it done.

Here are some daffodils coming up. First year for these, hope they do well. We will find out if it's really true that deer don't like daffodils.

How resilient they are, we are supposed to be getting a winter storm tonight with 3-5 inches, hope it doesn't affect these too much.