Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Of all things, a dog sweater?

This is the Biscuits and Bones pattern on Ravelry.  First started the large one in the round for Noel, but got confused by the pattern.  Ripped it out and started over flat as the directions have you do, and with the xs size to get the hang of the pattern.  I am more confident about making the larger one, now and am really enjoying the textures and cables. 

Here's a photo of a multicolored rug  that was made awhile back, from t-shirts ( leftover strips) and is quite short.

This one is made from sweatshirts.  When I started it, was also putting red in there, but it seemed too patriotic for a rug, as the light grey looks more white than grey.  The one below is the denim/camoflaug rug I talked about in an earlier post  that was remade from another rug that was hemmed and came apart after washing.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Some placemats

Just finished these place mats yesterday.  It has been an eventful project.  First I tried to make 4 place mats side by side, out of t-shirts to use up the last of the warp.  The left side got tangled and snarled and I didn't have the patience to mess with it. 

So it was taken off and the loom rewarped for the last two place mats.   That went well, for once and then I realized that I didn't have enough material to finish them!   So a trip to Good Will and the other thrift shops with one of our daughters commenced. 

Well, we couldn't just buy the t-shirts to finish up, could we?  We found books, fashion boots, a jacket, and many clothes for my little grandson.  In Good Will it was an adventure, scouring the racks  holding the fabric strips to compare.  We did match the colors, amazingly enough.  And here are the end results.  Hope the next adventure is easier and less costly.