Friday, December 26, 2008

Rug photo

This was Kelly's first and only rug....made from Red Heart yarn, colors are Monet and black. Made in 2005.

Gift bowl

This was one of our Christmas gifts from Lori, she made it in studio arts; a glass fusing project. It is now holding oranges on our table...Hope she enters it in the fair this summer, it would do very well. She also wanted a side view to show how deep the bowl is, as the first photo looks like a plate.

Knitted hood

This a Christmas present for my Mom, finished today. Had to wrap it up still on the needles and get it back after opening! It was made of Paton's Classic Dark Natural mix and a lighter Natural Mix to get the tweed affect.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas cookies

Cookies anyone? Not much to blog about lately, hope that changes soon. Am working on a gift, will post that photo after Christmas.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fiber blending and color choices

If it wasn't for the spinning meetings, nothing much would be getting accomplished around here lately. Except maybe some snowshoeing. There isn't enough snow for cross country skiing, but we are supposed to get a lake effect storm starting today. Time to wax the skiis!

In the works are some machine-knit kids hats for a Christmas fund raiser, and maybe a basket or two ( also bakery by Dec. 13) Yesterday we blended fibers on hand cards, and my choices were a commercially combed brown corriedale and a coppery bamboo top, then spun on a drop spindle. Am glad to see the copper shows up in the photo. Taken under a daylight 40 watt CFS bulb, instead of the indoor bulbs, which give a yellow cast to the photos. The amount blended was around 60 wool/40 bamboo.
When I got home, realized what caused me to pick those colors. This is Pepper.