Sunday, May 23, 2010

So what's up?

Our daughter and her family moved into their new apartment Wednesday, and it has been quite an adjustment getting used to the quiet! I have been filling my time with knitting projects and gardening. Hope you aren't getting tired of the gardening pictures,especially now when they don't have much going on yet. It is nice to put these up and look back to see how they have changed over time, and it's fun to just talk about it here.

Have decided to make another Trellis sweater, for a donation to our VFW Ladies Auxillary raffle next spring, when our chapter has to hold a district meeting. They need lots of items to raffle off so the sweater will go to a good cause. Here is the progress on it, made from Lion Brand Pound of Love, a very soft yarn that seems to want to split a little, and the stitches aren't as defined but it is working out well so far.

Here is another fruit hat I made a few weeks ago, and just now got around to putting up the photo. Going through my folder of photos, have made several of these, the only difference in this one is the green top is made from the neon green Red Heart. I like the effect of the bright green with the very dark purple. Love to play with color, that's the best part of weaving rag rugs...

Here is a closeup of a bleeding heart I bought last year. I put this one in and transplanted an older one last fall, and the older one didn't make it. This one seems happy in the location, so will leave it alone. The other one needed more room, it was in a small raised bed with landscaping cloth underneath, it was a mistake to put it there to begin with, but we learn as we go.
Here is a closer photo of the right front side of our porch. Two columbine, the smallest one has since been moved over to make room for a garden phlox. The tulips, rose bushes, a dianthus and some wild violets and forget me nots stuck in randomly.
The left front, creeping phlox, a rosebush that gets full of tiny red roses, two oriental poppies,a dianthus and two garden phlox, in two shades of pink. They have problems with powdery mildew, so after reading online about using hydrogen peroxide gave it a try, and hopefully caught it in time. The directions said to spray once a week for preventative, or more often to get rid of it. And to test on one leaf before spraying the whole plant, which so far hasn't had any negative effects.

Found these hanging solar lights at Family Dollar, they look nice on either side of the hand rails. They don't get full sun all day to recharge, but so far they work at night.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Early flower photos

Here is one of the primrose in full bloom. After they are finished,I will put a few annuals in between them for some color.
A picture of the red and yellow tulip. The rest are plain, not frilly and striped.
The right side of the front flower beds, with creeping phlox, one bleeding heart, two full sized rose bushes and one miniature, and the pulmonaria ( lungwort). Tried moving it more to the left, but then it isn't shaded by the hand rail and wilted very quickly. Obviously not happy, so it was moved back in it's original spot this morning and looks better already...

The left side of the front, it also has tulips, creeping phlox, rose bush as well as two poppies, and two garden phlox plants. Will be putting in a delphinium next to the steps, and an echinacea behind the creeping phlox soon. Will be picking them up tomorrow, wonder if it's okay to plant them?
Side view of the front, will be taking more photos as things grow. Just wanted to document things early in the year, and will probably add another few on here soon, have to wait for the sun to go around the other side of the house and I can get clearer pictures. Also have to figure out what to do under the steps, the whole thing was originally grass, then landscape cloth covered by white marble rocks and potentilla bushes in front. Got tired of it and took it all out, but the area under the steps has a mind of it's own...