Thursday, September 27, 2007

School garden, before picture

This was one of the flower beds at the school, started by a garden club then abandoned. We cleared out the weeds and planted flats of flowers donated by Ben Campione, of Pat's Foods ( both years), and Pamida ( last year), some iris bulbs from a co-worker,and asiatic lilies that were freebies from a bulb fund raiser for 4-H.

More flowers

These are more dianthus in a small bed by the house. The taller ones are Asiatic Lilies.

Flower garden 2007

The pink bunches of flowers are dianthus, this was taken early in the season before the roses bloomed. The deer ate the flowers in the hanging baskets with the exception of the begonias in the front while we were on vacation. Must have been happy to find something green, during the drought. Looks like somebody needs to fix the date on the camera!