Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweater update

Have finished the front and back shaping and the shoulders. Haven't been accomplishing a lot recently, but that is changing. Every little bit of progress is encouraging, and this sweater started out as a can't put it down, can't get it out of my head one that lost it's momentum. Should be done within the next few days, though and then he needs another knitted hat.
Here is a closeup of the shoulder seam. Couldn't get the hang of kitchener st on purl sts, so just cast off knit/purl and sewed the seams. Am anxious to get this done while Matthew can still wear it.
Here is the first sleeve. Decided to go ahead and knit them flat instead of casting on and knitting in the round. I don't mind seaming, or weaving in ends. Finally was able to catch the color, the second and third photo are pretty close to the real color. The only thing different was to change the setting for close up, and not have the kitchen light on.