Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby afghan finished!

Finally finished the baby afghan for our grandson. One half is two strands of the same color yarn doubled, and half is a strand of color and a strand of white, to give a different look to it. Opted not to put an edging on it,the pattern called for an i-cord edging in white but it doesn't really need anything else.

Now the next thing to finish is the trellis baby sweater. You are probably tired of me saying that. After working all the ends of the afghan in, took the sweater along while visiting relatives tonight to work on. So it is getting closer to finishing. It helps to write about it, like a promise I can't break. After that, it will be time to finish warping the loom. The warp is wound on, just need to tie new warp to the old threads and pull through. Now I am heading over to Ravelry to post the finished photo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stitch markers

These are some stitch markers I made today. Had fun playing with the beads, it's been awhile. The larger split ring markers are for a friend who recently started knitting again. She wanted them to fit at least size 15 needles, but they don't. Hope she still can use them, they were the biggest split rings I could find....locally. The smaller markers are for a co-worker who also recently started knitting again. Those rings are half of the ring and bar bracelet closures.

It was nice to take a break from working on the the baby afghan. It is almost done,a section is almost finished, then one more after that. Weaving the ends in shouldn't take long, then it will be back to the trellis sweater.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A day out shopping and other weekend happenings

Yesterday took some time to get away by myself, went to town for groceries and stopped at the Good Will, Salvation Army and St. Vincent's. Saw this cookie jar, and had to bring it home, just like the real ones. Actually it reminds me of our cats,except for the white face.
This was another find, will have to check there more often. Spotted it when I walked back into the room where the cookie jar was.
Finally got around to taking a picture of the violet in full bloom. The snow is melting fast, and can see some of the perennials in the flower beds. It will be awhile before I can get in there and clean out and get things ready, but it is nice to see ground, mushy and squishy that it is...

Click here to see the web site for the first sled dog race in our area. My husband was one of the ham radio operators helping with communications, and I went with him to watch the teams cross the road.