Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fair entries, 2009

This is the only photo not on here already, a doily from Magic Crochet magazine named Variety from the Dec. 1996 issue. It measures about 26 inches across, thought it would never get done! Had 4 entries this time, next year will enter more.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Finished this one last night, there is an order for 8 total, and one table runner. Measurements are 12" x 15". Sure would like to see the kitchen they are going to!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is a cedar waxwings nest. One of the parents are there, but no sign of nestlings yet. It is so late in the season, hope they do okay.

Rainy day flower pictures

Have been wanting to take pictures of this rose in bloom for a few years, never catch it when the blooms are at their nicest, for some reason. Like the way the misty rain looks on everything today, behind the rose bush is a garden phlox that a co-worker shared with me last summer,and a new one bought from Pamida this year. The older one isn't blooming as well as I was hoping for, maybe it needs a while to establish? The trellis you see was supposed to have sweet peas and morning glories growing on it, but before they were planted, the wind blew all the pots over and scattered everything. Am going to put a jackmanii clematis on that trellis next year and start morning glory seeds in a hanging basket near the back door instead. It will cascade down near the back steps, and get the strong afternoon sunlight til late evening so they should do well there.
This is a side view of the round garden in the front, it isn't as dark out as it looks but I was determined to take flower pictures today, so this is what we get. With our long winters, it is nice to have these photos on here to go back and look at. Also hoping to document some of the perennials that are just starting. The large zinnias and marigolds came from Good Will, and are crooked due to their late planting. Will buy them again next year!
Here's a front view of the round garden in the front. It gets mixed sun & shade throughout the day, due to the big birch tree in the middle of the yard. The impatiens are doing well, they were planted late, also.
Am not sure where these pansies came from, I didn't plant them! They are nestled in right next to the big center rock.
This new rose bush was a Mother's Day gift, and was surprised it bloomed this year. The flowers are single,the color is pretty accurate for once, and the fragrance is wonderful! You can see the pulmonaria to the left of the rose.
This is a pulmonaria, just planted this summer. It is a shady perennial, so wasn't sure how well it would grow in the front yard, it gets morning and late afternoon sun.