Friday, June 27, 2008


This bed runs along the back side of the house, and there are also astilbe, and peonies planted, with yellow pansies in the front as a border. So far, nothing has come up. The hydrangea bush was a Mother's Day present and is flourishing where it is. Will probably have to pick up some annuals to fill in the empty spots temporarily. This still needs lots of work, have to widen it and put the landscape edging down. Was in a hurry to get everything planted so it would have a chance to grow in our short season. The rain drips off the roof, so I plan to put some white marble stone there to help with erosion of the soil.

New flower bed

This flower bed came about because it is difficult to mow around the big rock in the center, then had the idea to make a cairn, also. May improve that if I get to the lake and find some larger rocks. It was fun. Planted two dahlias and nine cannas , and only one canna is coming up so far, you can see it on the right side of the bed and the lilacs are still blooming. One of the more humorous members of our family have dubbed this the "circle of dirt" but I will post another photo when it is flourishing. Bought some petunias to put in there temporarily until something comes up, and the yellow flowers are pansies. I have added two more beds this year, due to having more time for my own yard. There is a Great Explorations garden club at the school this summer to maintain the school flower beds. Can't wait to see what the kids are doing there!

Hanging baskets

The reason for the early flower photos

This buck spent quite a bit of time in the yard yesterday, feasting on the plum and apple tree leaves, and tasting the flowers. Should have used the zoom on the camera so you could see the developing horns, but didn't want to scare him away with the noise, he was that close.


This is the first time these have bloomed. The iris only had a few buds, and I will post a photo in a few days when they are open. Also in this bed are asparagus, a bleeding heart,freesias and some ranunculus.

Corner Garden

Have added some different annuals this year, and the asiatic lilies have apparently multiplied. Will post another photo when they are in bloom, and will probably move them this fall as they seem to take over this little spot.

Flower Garden 2008

This a closeup of the full view photo above. Have added some perennial phlox to this flower bed, and in the front are two gazanias, annuals that were too pretty to pass up. Also put in an oriental poppy that will hopefully bloom next year. The greenery are dianthus that are not blooming yet. Last year at this time they were in full flower.