Monday, May 25, 2009

Unwelcome guest

There wasn't a lot of sunflower seeds left in the bird feeder last night,but it was enough to attract a bear. Last week it also pulled the feeder down, but the shepard's hook just moved in the soft dirt. This time it actually bent. Time to start bringing it in at night.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Pink tulips, and the plant in front is a garden phlox, a nice magenta color. Was happy to see it growing well there. Have another one to plant next to it, a light pink with dark pink center. The weather has been so extreme here the last two days. Yesterday it was in the 40's, and today it was 90. Set a new record. Last Sat it snowed. This flower bed had white marble throughout, and some bushes for a front landscape look. The weed proof fabric had failed,and it was time for a change. Now there is a shade garden on one side of the steps, and a full sun side. Bought another bleeding heart, and got a rose bush for Mother's Day, so it should be set for flowers.
These are multi colored tulips, not open yet but still wanted a photo of them in case the wind blows them over tonight!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Red, blue and purple handspun

Don't remember what type wool this is, but the reds look a little deeper in reality than on the screen.

Jacob handspun yarn

This handspun yarn is from jacob roving, another gift from Joyce. Have another bobbin started and enough to make one more skein. Click here to see what Jacob sheep look like.

I found another miniature african violet

Bought this last night at the grocery store, was happy to find a mini; they are hard to come across around here.

Sign of spring

What a difference a week or so makes. The storm didn't damage these crocus at all. All kinds of things are coming up in the yard, columbine, tulips, and at least one of the two poppies will bloom this season. Only the first of many gardening photos to come...