Sunday, December 27, 2009

A fleece blanket

This was a Christmas gift for my husband, who wanted a longer throw for our couch. I put his ham call numbers on it at work, then sewed it together here at home. It is reversible, gray and navy, with royal blue thread for the embroidery, and think it was melco block font.

It has been awhile since the sewing machine has been used for anything other than mending and sewing rag strips together for rugs. I used to enjoy making footie pajamas, doll clothes and dresses for my daughters, and am thinking about making some things for Matthew.

Haven't made much progress on any of the projects around here, added some links and a few blogs to the lists, and was happy to find a Facebook badge. Have been spending too much time on Facebook, but it is fun to look for people and play games. Feel free to add me as a friend if you are on there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby sweater update

Here is the progress on the Trellis baby sweater. Click on the name to see the pattern. It has been an enjoyable knit. So far knitting all three pieces at once has worked out well. Even binding off for the arms wasn't a problem, am looking forward to trying the sleeves in the round and reversing the shaping. Done in the six month size, and should still fit Matthew if finished soon. Am debating whether to kitchener the shoulder seams, or just sew them when it gets to that point. Wondering how difficult it is to graft the knit and purl sts? Anyone have any suggestions for online directions on how to go about it?