Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another pair of mittens,and some rigid heddle modifications

These machine knitted mittens are for me!  Knitted from sock yarn,and acrylic coned yarn for the lining,they should be warm enough for work.  The finishing seems to take longer than the machine knitting between kitchener stitching the ends,finishing the thumbs and all the seaming and ends woven in. The result is worth it,though.

Here is my 29 inch rigid heddle loom.  The blocks that hold the heddle never worked very well,they look homemade by someone a long time ago.  There isn't a neutral position,and the down position didn't hold,either. I ordered the heddle from the woolery several years ago,it is a Glimakra Suzanna heddle. They helped me find the one that would work best with my loom,and it has.  

Decided to order the 8 dent reed and the heddle block kit with some Christmas money this year.  It came and was able to get it set up.  It is normally stored hung on the wall,it is a bulky thing,and there is a towel project on it that was taken off.  Was going to finish it,but was having tension  problems. Two towels were done,and had just started the last one,so wasn't much loss.

Here are the new heddle blocks put on. They should be a little higher,so we may need to add some blocks of wood to help with that. My husband has a few ideas to modify it,so the next thing to be done is to warp it and try it out.

With the tension problems I was having with the other warp,want to give a different yarn a try before making any major changes to the loom. It is an older loom,there was a sticker on it originally with the brand name,but it wore off when it was stored in the attic.  Hopefully will be posting progress photos soon with the warping and weaving. Have some Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball that I want to try. May make a scarf,as I've heard it is very sticky used as warp.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Another pair of mittens finished,weaving presents and keto progress

These are for my youngest daughter. She loves purple and hopefully will like these mittens. The color is magenta,not snowberry like I had originally planned to use. This is more purple and the snowberry was more pink. When I bought the machine,several totes of coned yarn came with it. It is so much fun to just go pick out a color and start knitting,not shopping each time I want to make something. That will come when it's time  to make a sweater,because we don't have any local sources for coned yarn. Our local yarn shop has lots of beautiful yarns available but not machine knitting yarns,specifically.

Bought a few weaving items recently from the woolery. A wavy shuttle, 8 dent rigid heddle for my 29 inch loom,and some brackets to hold the heddle.  Will do a post about that loom,soon,the heddle is on back order for three weeks!  The yarn is from Walmart,going to use that with the new shuttle. Just have to get it on the loom.

Last Sunday started seriously following the keto diet again. Reached a weight that is not acceptable,so something had to be done. Am getting between 1,250 and 1,300 calories a day and have lost 5 pounds so far. It will slow down, will be happy with a 1 pound loss a week.  All my clothes were tight,winter jackets and ski pants included. I refused to buy more ski pants,they are expensive,so was zipping them up and leaving them unsnapped.  They are getting looser,was able to snap the snap last night. They are still pretty snug,but progress is underway.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Machine knit mittens

Here is the mitten just off the machine.  Feels like dozens of ends to be woven in.  Both tops have to be kitchener stitched,and the seaming done,also. The stitches are very small,something to get used to.

Put the top live stitches on knitting needles to kitchener stitch and had to leave for work yesterday morning. Left on the table and came home to the knitting needles laying on the floor by the table. Sure enough,the mitten was laying in the dog bed!  Amazingly enough the stitches hadn't ran down at all. Was able to pick them back up on the needles and finish the top.

Here are the finished mittens. Am thinking of gifting them to the person who I bought the knitting machine from.  Next will be a purple and black pair for my youngest daughter. Have a nice color of coned yarn called Snowberry,a nice purple / pink shade.  The black will be inside,with the Snowberry on the outside. Considering making up a couple pairs to have on hand for gifts or if somebody comes along that needs them.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Finished Leno lace scarf

Here is the first row of the lace. Then the stick is turned on it's side to make a shed for the shuttle to go through. That will hold the twists in place.

This is the second row,instead of twisting 2x2 strands,started out by doing 1x1,then 2x2 crosses. That offsets the twists.

Here is the last row,doing a 2x2 twist.  This is the end of the scarf,so after the lace I wove about an inch of plain weave,then did a hem stitch.

Here it is finished with twisted fringe,ready to go to someone who needs a warm scarf.

Here is the scenery we enjoyed yesterday while driving to the cross country ski trail. Since it's a quiet country road I was able to stop the car and take the photos.

This is on the trail. They had just groomed it,conditions were perfect powder for skiing. This is a multipurpose trail,for skiing,skijoring,snowshoeing and snowbiking. Dogs are allowed on this one,and Pepper loves coming here. He has learned to come when I call if he gets too far away.  He runs ahead,goes off the trail a little to sniff things and just loves running around freely.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Leno lace scarf

This is 2x2 Leno which is offset.  The strands of warp are twisted and put on a pick up stick,then the stick is turned on its side to make a shed. The shuttle is then ran through to lock the twists in place. Next row you start the twists with a 1x1 to offset them. I did 3 rows of leno.  There is a one inch border, and the lace is around three inches so I know to start the lace  about four inches from the end of the scarf.

While I was weaving,started up a Christmas gift from my husband,a robotic vacuum. It needed to be charged overnight so this was the first chance to see how it works. Did a good job,picked up lots more than expected. The only problem was the dog barked at it a lot. Finally took him into another room where I was weaving and he calmed down. Hope he gets used to it soon,am looking forward to using it often.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Another woven scarf

 Started this scarf on Christmas Day while waiting for our company to arrive.  Made from Red Heart super saver so it will be machine  washable.  It was the best warp so far,even tension and wound on easily with no problems.  Had planned on doing a textured pattern with 2 pick up sticks,but couldn't figure it out. After struggling with it,decided that I just wanted to weave for the enjoyment of it,and am very happy with the way it turned out.

Finished it this morning,have warped up the loom with Red Heart Amethyst to make another one,they go so quickly. Am planning on making a border with Leno lace on each end,and twisted fringe.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Scarf is done

Had an issue come up while weaving,the right selvedge frayed a lot. Believe it was due to the weaving not being centered on the loom and the heddle was always being pulled downwards. You can see how abraded that strand was getting.


Ended up cutting that strand off,tying a new piece of black yarn in its place. Didn't want to use the same type of yarn,so used a strand of  Universal Uptown Worsted. It is supposed to be anti-pilling, so it seemed to hold up better for a selvedge. Just hung the yarn over the back beam and left it dangle with a weight tied on.  Used a washer with a paper clip and just tied a loop on the yarn to hang it from so it would have enough tension on it. 

 Here is the new one tied on. Later will go back and weave the ends in with a tapestry needle.

Here is the finished scarf, you really can't tell the selvedge has a different yarn added in.  Am planning on donating this one to the Calumet Hats for Hope Initiative.  A facebook group that donates hats to local people who need them. 

Another pair of mittens,and some rigid heddle modifications

These machine knitted mittens are for me!  Knitted from sock yarn,and acrylic coned yarn for the lining,they should be warm enough for w...