Friday, December 3, 2010

Finished a rug

Closeup of the rug still on the loom.

Here's the finished rug,made a mistake on this one. Serged some of the rags with the seams straight across and the lumpy seams came through on the back of the rug. Have since learned from Rugtalk that they should be done on a diagonal, and will have to give that a try soon. It still looks very pretty on my floor in front of the back door. We go through quite a few rugs this time of year between mud and snowy boots it's always good to have another one. Of course the tension was perfect and there isn't any bowing at the hems, which usually happens with my rugs!

Our oldest daughter and grandson are moving back home for awhile, so am working on relocating my craft room. It's good to go through things, though. Do I need this? Do I have room to keep this? Do I really want this?