Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's new around here?

Here is the finished yarn from the pink and yellow roving in the last post. It was wonderful to spin, I plan to ask if I can buy some more from Joyce on Wed, we are dying wool!!! Have missed our Wednesday spinning meetings a lot, work tends to interfere with things some times.

I was hired as a CNA at a nursing home that is adjacent to a hospital, but didn't make it through the orientation period. Wasn't the right person for the place, so will keep looking for another job. Something will come along, but for now I am where I need to be.

After three months of work/school, and a month of intensive training and work, my house is in need of some TLC, and catch up on family time, too. Our youngest daughter is having her tonsils taken out on Tuesday, and recently we lost a close friend that I wasn't able to travel to the funeral with my family, due to work policy. Also my state test is scheduled for Aug 3rd, will be practicing the clinical skills for that.

This is a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern for a bulky top down sweater. Made from Wool Ease chunky and size 10 needles, it is a fast and relaxing knit, just what I needed. It is for our sweet grandson, hope it fits ( size 2-4).

Part of the house TLC includes painting the kitchen. I have resisted painting because of these stencilled borders, just couldn't give them up, but it's time for something different. The birdhouses were over the kitchen sink and cupboards. The new paint is called Sugared Melon Crush. Today will be the day to cover the stencils with Kilz and have my husband take down some thermostats. Then tomorrow the actual painting can start.

These went around both ends of our kitchen.

These little borders went over a wainscoting of sorts, a wood grain panelling that needs to be replaced one day.

This was taken on the 4th of July, the wind picked up and everything started looking very ominous. They blew away almost as fast as they got here, fortunately.