Sunday, April 6, 2014

Catching up on things

It's been a busy winter around here. The weather was awful, below zero for weeks at a time and lots of snow.  The total so far is around 305 inches for the year, and we will probably get another storm before spring finally is here to stay....

Have been doing some knitting, some babysitting for our grandkids and  want to share some photos with you.  It is a quiet Sunday morning  and now is a good time to catch up on here.

This is Serenity dressed up for her Mom's birthday yesterday.  Her sweater is the one entered in the fair last summer.  Glad it still fits her, this is the first time she has worn it.

This is a baby shrug I have been working on for a few days.  A quick easy knit with size 10 needles and aran yarn so it is soft and warm.  It will probably be done today and I'll post a finished picture next time. Just have to find a nice button for it.

Knitted mittens for felting.  They are black although the picture looks purple to me.  The crocheted edging is just holding the stitches for adding a ribbed cuff after they are felted.   Hope to felt these this afternoon, they were misplaced in the house for awhile and just found them today when looking for something else.

This was taken early in the season.  You can't even see the bridge when you are in that spot now, the banks are so high.  It is warm out today, almost 50 degrees so far.  I will probably go for a walk later with my walking buddy.  

Here is my walking buddy, Noel.  She brings so much joy and entertainment to our lives.   This particular day we were making & decorating cupcakes and she wanted to be close to all the festivities in the off chance that something would fall on the floor.  

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