Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting some spinning done, anyways

Now that the cool weather is here, it is time to start working with wool again.   We had a very nice, warm summer, but fall is here, along with some sleet and lots of rain.   This is a Finn/Rambouillet cross roving that I just finished.   I plan to make these mittens from it, if the gauge works up right.

This is a roving a friend and I worked on last summer, then had it sent out to Ziellingers to be carded. The colors are raspberry, orange, purple and a dark blue.   

Here it is on the bobbin,and the plan is to ply it with a denim blue, because when it's plied with the same yarn it is too busy. With the blue, the colors stand out better.  There is quite a bit of blue roving left over from the blue sweater coat that is almost finished,you can see it in the older posts.  It is too small, so for now it's  waiting in the knitting bag until I can figure out what to do about it.  

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